Why it is important to keep track of the hours and holidays in the company

Posted on October 22, 2020October 22, 2020Categories Effective Time Control

The benefits for a company to carry out an effective time control to its workers are multiple. We summarize them in a few paragraphs …

The benefits for a company of making an effective time control to its workers are multiple. By all it is known that in a good part of the ensigns time is wasted with coffee breaks or meals that drag on. In the same way that sometimes there are extra hours that are not paid.

Schedule control

As we say for a few months, the control of the working hours in companies is mandatory and the fastest thing is to do it in a unified way so that all the workforce does it in the same way and under the same guidelines.

Plain was born precisely with the aim of being able to carry out this control in a simple, practical and fast way. It is a totally free app that aims to help SMEs better manage their resources, allowing workers to keep track of the work they do, effectively manage vacations and also detect possible absences.

Vacation management

Optimal vacation management is especially important in SMEs. For them, keeping an exhaustive control of staff vacations is key or, otherwise, they may end up giving situations in which a large part of the workers end up taking vacations in August and generating problems to get work done during those weeks.

This will not happen if there is a real and visible control of the days. Thus, the company will be able to ensure that they can remove the volume of work they have without generating delays because all departments are covered with sufficient personnel for this.

Make absences visible

Perhaps you have located a worker who is missing more than necessary to his job but seeing it clearly through an app that can help make certain decisions. Seeing a real calendar with the hours or days that someone on the staff has missed their job without justification can be of great help in making a decision. Maybe it’s time to stop losing money and give a warning or make a more drastic decision.…