The Stroganoff Foundation was incorporated in 1992 in the State of New York as a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to preserving the artistic legacy left to Russia by the Stroganoff family, and encouraging cultural exchange between the United States and Russia, including the preservation of Russia's important cultural and historic landmarks. This precious legacy has been maintained since the Russian revolution by the dedicated conservators, curators, and art historians of Russia, but is now in need of financial support from abroad. The establishment of the Foundation was the inspiration of Baroness Hèlené de Ludinghausen, whose mother, Princess Xenia Alexandrovna Shcherbatova-Stroganova, was born in the Stroganoff Palace. The Foundation leads tours to Russia which focus on the art and architecture of the former Imperial capital of St. Petersburg. The Foundation has active projects both in Russia, and in the United States.

Above: A historic photograph of the Mineral Cabinet

The Stroganoff Foundation is an active participant in the restoration of the Stroganoff Palace on the Nevsky Prospect. Recently ceeded to the State Russian Museum, the Stroganoff Palace is the only intact building by Rastrelli in the city of St. Petersburg. The Foundation hopes one day to see the entire palace restored to its original condition. The Foundation is also providing assistance to other important cultural institutions in the St. Petersburg areas: Hermitage State Museum, Pavlovsk, Peterhoff, Gatchina, the Catherine Palace, Museum of Art, Music and Theatre, just to mention a few.

The Foundation is also participating in the restoration of Emperor Paul I's State Bedchamber of the Emperor at Gatchina, and other projects in St. Petersburg.

The Stroganoff Foundation is very much interested in participating in a cultural dialogue between the Russian Federation and the United States. A number of cultural exchanges are currently in development, and will be announced on this site at a later date.