The Stroganoff Palace in St. Petersburg

Stroganoff Palace, St. Petersburg, located on the corner of Nevsky Prospect and the Moika Canal embankment.

House of Pavel Stroganoff, located at Ulitsa Sergievskaya, 11 - In St. Petersburg.

Marino, a Stroganoff estate situated in 80 kilometers from Petersburg.

Solvychegodsk, on the river Vychegda in the Russian north.

Nizhni Novgorod, the Stroganoff homestead.

Ilinskoe, - headquarters of the Stroganoff Ural estates near Perm.

Volyshovo, a Stroganoff estate situated 40 kilometers south of the ancient city Porhov near Pskov.

Novoe Usolie, in the Urals near Perm.

Bratsevo, a neoclassical Stroganoff villa at Brattsevo in the northwest suburbs of Moscow.