Above: view of Marino Palace

The Stroganoff estate at Marino is situated 80 kilometers from Petersburg to the southeast close to the road to Moscow. The estate came into the possession of Stroganoff family in the 18th century, but the most historically significant period of the estate is connected with the first half of 19th century, when the estate was the home of Countess Sophie Stroganoff. Of enormous size - around 10,000 hectares - the estate was adorned with a splendid palace in the Russian Empire style, built by the architect Yelodin on the River Usema for the Countess.

Above: interior view of Marino Palace

The palace served as a family home and in addition housed cultural activities represented by interiors such as a big library and art gallery. Staff artists were in residence at the palace and here was also kept the Stroganoff family archive. Within the grounds of the estate were an classical English Garden, a farm, stables and other establishments associated with a working estate. In the 1820s the estate housed a branch of the Stroganoff School of Agriculture.

At right: Countess Sophie Stroganova, 1808, painting by J. L. Mosnier

At the death of Countess Sophie in 1845 the estate became the inheritance of her daughter, Igladia, who was the wife of Prince Vassili Golitsyn. It subsequently passed into the Golitsyn family.

Immediately after the revolution of 1917 the palace became a museum, although it later became a resort attached to a Leningrad factory, when the historic interiors perished. Today some areas of the park are preserved. The estate church, which dates from the 1830's, is in ruins.