Follow these tips and your desk will be a better place to work

Posted on October 22, 2020October 23, 2020Categories Tips for Workspace

Most of us spend a third of the day in front of the computer. Apply these tips in your workspace to increase your strength and be more productive.

A person who works in an office spends an average of eight hours at the desk. That is, a third of the day. Therefore, stress, fatigue and sometimes not very adequate nutrition, can block the energy of that person and their performance.

Well, then, we are going to see some tips to apply in the workspace and that serve to increase forces and be more productive.

Download your desktop

Your desk should be as clear as reasonably possible. In case you have it loaded with books, for example, you should place them on side shelves if you have the opportunity to do so. The accumulation of objects on the table can be very overwhelming.

Add color!

This advice is limited in part by the type of work being done. A graphic designer, for example, has more freedom in trying with color than a financial advisor. However, there are always options to introduce a little color, such as a small ornament.

Find the most suitable chair for your job

Without a doubt, posture is of fundamental importance to feel comfortable when working. Not surprisingly, we have already commented that the third part of the day can be spent in the office. Thus, it is simply essential to find an appropriate chair to spend so much time in it.

Define your own style

Having a plant or calendar on your desk sounds too typical at this point. If you want a boost of revitalizing energy, give your desk its own identity with elements that define you more

Have something handy to distract yourself a bit

It does not matter if it is a stress ball or a Rubik’s cube, but it is important that you have an object nearby that will serve to entertain you a bit while you take a break. It is essential to take your eyes off the screen and your hands from the keyboard for a few minutes. This relaxes the mind, and also has a positive impact on health.

And far away other things

In line with the above, the truth is that not everything should be close. If water or coffee, for example, are at a certain distance, you force yourself to get up from time to time. And even if there is no excuse for doing it, it is always good to stretch your legs whenever you can.

Out with all that is not worth!

Anything that doesn’t work should go directly off the desktop. Energy should not be wasted on objects that have no validity.

Nothing to eat at the desk

Your desk is not the right place to have breakfast, lunch, or a snack. You should find a more appropriate space, because this will benefit your digestion, while taking care of the place where you work.…